S1TBX-SE-1 Update of S1TBX functionality to support ProductGroups


Currently, coregistration adds all images into a single product as bands with different dates. There may be multiple bands for the same date. Each set of dates will have the same kinds of bands. For a date, bands could be of different data type and unit. Subsequent InSAR processors handle the stack product as one and apply their processing to each set of dates.The problem with this is you need to have all products at the time of processing. When a new acquisition is made, it's not easy to append bands to product stack without having to rewrite all bands. It's convenient to the user to work with a single product stack and run a single operator that processes all dates in the stack.Product Groups have been proposed as a solution where a group can be defined by a metadata file pointing to the locations of various compatible products. Operators would process the products in the Product Group as individual products similar to batch processing. New products could be appended to the Group without needing to rewrite the whole Product Group.The design of Product Groups will be finalized at the Oct 2019 Developers Forum in ESRIN. After which it may be implemented for some operators. The solution is intended to be general minimizing the need to update existing operators. In this project, the consortium will ensure all operators to be run on coregistered stack products will work with Product Groups.The following enhancements will be reviewed for ensuring product-group compliance: S1TBX-SE-2, S1TBX-SE-4, S1TBX-SE-5, S1TBX-SE-8, S1TBX-SE-10, S1TBX-SE-11, S1TBX-SE-24. In addition, the interferogram formation operator as well as all stack operators will be reviewed.




Luis Veci


Lisa House

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