S1TBX-SE-24 Enhanced RGB/HSI-view GUI window widget


Currently, the RGB/HSV views can be difficult to use. RGB profiles may not exist for the current combination of band names of a product. General band combinations such as red, green, blue can have specific mission names like Landsat RGB. Furthermore, there is no easy way to modify a current RGB view after it has been created.Together with feedback from ESA, we will design and develop a new RGB dialog and viewing functionality. The new dialog will include:● Modification of opened RGB views without needing to enter the band definitions again.● Automatic single quote wrappers around band names to avoid problems in band math expressions when band names contain dashes.● Generalized profiles for common band names such as red, green, blue.● Seamlessly work with Product Groups and time series● Provide a preview thumbnail of possible band combinations● Cycle through band combination previews in a time series● Enable setting any RGB channel to a constant or band maths expressionThe functionality will apply to both the RGB and HSV dialog and views.● Added Value EnhancementsIn addition to the work defined in the SOW, this consortium believes in further contributing to the SNAP community through other projects funding by the CSA, other customers or our own internal development. Where possible and strategically beneficial we will include new developed features into SNAP and open sourced under the GNU GPL.




Luis Veci


Lisa House

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