S1TBX-SE-25 Sentinel-1 Burst Subsets in SAFE Format


Michael Foumelis and José Manuel Delgado Blasco have suggested a simple feature which could save time and bandwidth cost when working with Sentinel-1 SLC burst data. Most of the time the SLC products are much larger than a users area of interest (AOI) but users still need to download a full product. For large time series this can quickly become a lot of data to transfer and store. If the data providers had a way to clip the data beforehand then they could provide significantly smaller files.Given an AOI polygon, SNAP can the Sentinel-1 SLC bursts and subswaths that cover the AOI. Rather than use TOPS Split and save to Dimap or GeoTiff, SNAP could subset the SAFE format product and update its metadata. The result would be a SAFE format zip file with only the bursts and subswaths and corresponding metadata needed for the AOI.With such a tool, the DIAS’s and other Sentinel providers could easily provide smaller files in the same Sentinel SAFE format and therefore still compatible with any software tools users are currently using.




Luis Veci


Lisa House

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