S1TBX-SE-26 AAFC Soil Moisture Toolkit


Soil moisture is a key variable controlling the exchange of water and heat energy between the land and the atmosphere. It is a key parameter in controlling the global water cycle, climate change, and extreme events like drought and flood. It plays an important role in numerous applications including biological and biogeochemical processes. Understanding this parameter and its variability in space and time is very valuable to a wide range of government and private agencies, particularly those concerned with agricultural production, runoff potential and flood control, soil erosion and slope failure, water reservoir management and quality. In addition, improved estimates of surface soil moisture can lead to significant improvements in weather forecasting. Understanding the rates of evaporation and precipitation can lead to better prediction of severe drought and landslides.Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC) have developed and validated a soil moisture retrieval process using quad pol C-band and L-band SAR data based on the Integral Equation Model (IEM). AAFC have contracted SkyWatch to develop a Soil Moisture Toolkit and add it as open source within SNAP. The Toolkit will include the IEM multi-pol (MP), multi-angle (MA) and Hybrid (HYB) methods.




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