Harmonise operator interfaces and implementations


Currently the Graph Builder in SNAP requires special GUI implementations for some of the operators. This is because it cannot handle the specialities of these user interfaces. This limits the functionality of some operators and some operators are not available at all within Graph Builder. Instead of implementing the user interface two times the requirements of the Graph Builder and the user interfaces of the operators will be analysed. A common interface will be developed which will allow using the GUI from the operator in stand-alone mode and with the Graph Builder too.
Classes which implement the interface DefaultUI need to be investigated for the special requirements. To name at least a few of the ~50 implementations:

InterferogramOpUI, PhaseToElevationOpUI, CreateLandMaskOpUI, PolarimetricSpeckleFilterOpUI, BandSelectOpUI, AddElevationOpUI, SupervisedWishartClassificationOpUI, ResamplingUI, AddLandCoverOpUI,
BandMathsOpUI, TOPSARMergeOpUI, ReprojectionUI, CoherenceOpUI, LandCoverMaskOpUI, BandMergeOpUI,
PolarimetricParametersOpUI, FilterOpUI

Besides these special implementations, some operators have been excluded from the Graph Builder in order to avoid duplicate implementation effort. This list of roughly 13 operators needs to be investigated and considered for the new and common user interface API, too. In the following some of the affected operators are listed:

Reflectance-to-Radiance, S2MSI MCI, C2RCC, FlhMci, NDVI, PixelExtraction, Unmix, PPE Filtering

and others don't work as they should, or don't work at all. For example Rayleigh-Correction




Luis Veci


Marco Peters




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