Release Notes - Sentinel-3 Toolbox - Version 6.0 - HTML format


  • [SIIITBX-87] - Radiance bands are missing in HICO L1B product
  • [SIIITBX-146] - Rad2Refl converts always to reflectances for OLCI
  • [SIIITBX-148] - Rad2Refl should not use data type and scaling factor of source bands
  • [SIIITBX-150] - Rayleigh Correction copies 'dem_alt' tie-point grid twice
  • [SIIITBX-151] - No-data value for OLCI L1 flag band breaks reprojection
  • [SIIITBX-157] - Results of ARC SST are noisy
  • [SIIITBX-168] - SLSTR L1B Stitching Tool can not deal with different band sets across missing elements

New Feature

  • [SIIITBX-144] - Link to help does not work for FUB/WeW processor
  • [SIIITBX-145] - Support Rad2Refl for SLSTR
  • [SIIITBX-147] - Support Landsat data from new processed dataset "Collection 1"
  • [SIIITBX-163] - Extend Rayleigh operator for S2-MSI


  • [SIIITBX-70] - Improve logging of statistics operator
  • [SIIITBX-136] - Help for Rayleigh Correction is missing
  • [SIIITBX-139] - Adapt reader to SLSTR L2 WST format change
  • [SIIITBX-140] - Add RGB profiles for S3 Synergy products
  • [SIIITBX-154] - Improve parameter handling in FlhMCI Processor
  • [SIIITBX-156] - Add reference to paper in help
  • [SIIITBX-158] - Orphan pixels should be shown for S3 SLSTR data
  • [SIIITBX-160] - Extend FU Classifcation for MODIS-500, CZCS and S2 MSI
  • [SIIITBX-161] - Extend FU Classifcation for CZCS support
  • [SIIITBX-166] - Improve cloud screening og Idepix for OLCI
  • [SIIITBX-167] - OWT processor should not require spectral index when searching for bands


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