Release Notes - Sentinel-2 Toolbox - Version 6.0 - HTML format


  • [SIITBX-248] - L2A SCL Masks do not appear to BandMath on GrephBuilder
  • [SIITBX-251] - Reflectance2Radiance operator is not working with Sentinel-2 new format
  • [SIITBX-253] - BaseProductReaderPlugIn getDecodeQualification is too slow
  • [SIITBX-255] - S2 jpg2000 RGB issue
  • [SIITBX-256] - GDAL reader interferes with other readers
  • [SIITBX-257] - Help is broken after updating modules
  • [SIITBX-258] - java.nio.file.ProviderNotFoundException when trying to open a *.tgz file
  • [SIITBX-259] - Link to help does not work for S2 MCI processor
  • [SIITBX-260] - Preset name in S2 MCI processor is wrong
  • [SIITBX-261] - S2 cache clean-up not working
  • [SIITBX-263] - "Generic Region Merging" help is disabled in the operator GUI.
  • [SIITBX-265] - Image link not working properly in milti-size mosaic product
  • [SIITBX-266] - In multi-size mosaic GUI, "Perform mosaic at native resolution" checkbox disables the "overlapping methods" combo
  • [SIITBX-267] - In the Generic Region Merging operator the geocoding of the input product is not copied to the target product
  • [SIITBX-268] - IllegalArgumentException in mosaic operator
  • [SIITBX-269] - Changing the mosaic bounds has no effect in the ouput (module multi-size mosaic)
  • [SIITBX-276] - Radiometric indices not working on not reprojected data
  • [SIITBX-279] - (AP.8) Radiometric Indices have problems when used in a graph
  • [SIITBX-280] - JP2 Reader is not able to open jp2 image generated with sen2cor at 10 or 20 m resolution
  • [SIITBX-285] - S2 reader cannot open by folder name the L2A product with old naming convention
  • [SIITBX-286] - S2 angles are not well computed when angle grids are not in order in the granule metadata file.

New Feature

  • [SIITBX-272] - Segmentation Processor should be implemented in S2TBX
  • [SIITBX-273] - Multi-size mosaic not available in SNAP
  • [SIITBX-281] - CCI Land Cover module for CCI 2015 global map cover


  • [SIITBX-118] - S-2 MSI readers to use ZIP-files as input
  • [SIITBX-120] - Read DETECTOR FOOTPRINT masks per detector
  • [SIITBX-157] - S2-MSI reader is too slow
  • [SIITBX-225] - Sen2Cor adapter should allow to set advanced GIPP parameters
  • [SIITBX-235] - Improved error diagnosis for openjpeg executables
  • [SIITBX-262] - Better support for *.ers files by GDAL reader
  • [SIITBX-264] - Generic Region Merging default parameters.
  • [SIITBX-271] - Help missing for Generic Region Merging operator
  • [SIITBX-274] - Sen2Three - Support for PSD 14
  • [SIITBX-275] - Download and installation of sen2cor tool from SNAP

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