Release Notes - Sentinel-1 Toolbox - Version S1TBX 6.0.0 - HTML format


  • [SITBX-428] - Deburst ignores bands without a polarization
  • [SITBX-430] - Gamma writer not supporting dem_par specifically
  • [SITBX-432] - Windfield validation wrong for SENTINEL-1A and SENTINEL-1B
  • [SITBX-433] - Decompositions don't work on very small subsets
  • [SITBX-434] - Multilook throws error latitude tie point grid already exists
  • [SITBX-435] - Single Pol S1 shows as Dual Pol in Product Library
  • [SITBX-438] - Gamma writer heading reversed
  • [SITBX-439] - Terrain Correction output in complex band ordering
  • [SITBX-441] - Terrain correction pixel spacing reverts in batch processing
  • [SITBX-442] - Don't allow calibration after deburst
  • [SITBX-444] - Terrain Flattening of T3 error when calibrated
  • [SITBX-445] - QC Orbit downloads SSL certification error
  • [SITBX-447] - Oversample not working with T3/C3/C2 matrices
  • [SITBX-448] - Exporting Windfield vector data causes error
  • [SITBX-450] - index error from Oversample Operator when using Pixel Spacing
  • [SITBX-451] - Error in Interferogram with TSX/TDX CoSSC data
  • [SITBX-453] - ALOS Deskew error "Product already contains bands intensity"
  • [SITBX-460] - Error in Topographic Phase Removal for stack of ERS products
  • [SITBX-464] - Topo Phase Removal handle stack incorrectly
  • [SITBX-466] - SubGraph does not work
  • [SITBX-469] - Fix sensitivity of Rescan, Search and Remove buttons in Product Library
  • [SITBX-470] - Setting no-data value to 0 in S-1 SLC leads to valid pixels not being processed
  • [SITBX-472] - SRGR operator doesn't work in graph batch mode
  • [SITBX-473] - Cannot mosaic two S1 GRD images with S1 SAR wizard mosaic tool
  • [SITBX-478] - Value and class description does not match in supervised Wishart classification output
  • [SITBX-479] - Wrong lat/lon in Tie-Point Grids in Slice Assembly
  • [SITBX-485] - Missing burst in TOPS split
  • [SITBX-486] - Interferogram export elevation not working
  • [SITBX-487] - StaMPS export lat/lon not orthorectified
  • [SITBX-488] - Product library SciHub search returns zero entries
  • [SITBX-489] - ALOS products processed by ESA processor not supported
  • [SITBX-490] - Discrepancy in interferograms
  • [SITBX-493] - Null pointer exception from Enhanced Spectral Diversity operator
  • [SITBX-494] - Interferogram UI ignores outputElevation and outputLatLon in loaded graph

New Feature

  • [SITBX-199] - State output file names in batch processing
  • [SITBX-261] - IRM 5: Integrate into the Product Library integration with SciHub.
  • [SITBX-437] - Add option to terrain correction to use a standard grid across images
  • [SITBX-454] - Support for ALOS on demand products from ESA IPF


  • [SITBX-396] - Terrain-Correction operator should display available resampling methods in help
  • [SITBX-436] - RSTB output Polarisation Orientation Angle
  • [SITBX-443] - Polarimetric matrix generation cannot produce C2 from quad pol
  • [SITBX-474] - Interferogram operator should output elevation band
  • [SITBX-475] - Export to StaMPS operator should output lat/lon
  • [SITBX-477] - ESD estimations should be output to ASCII file


  • [SITBX-382] - Automated Monitoring of Area Of Interest

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