How to specify RGB-profiles for a product type

When user's create RGB images from opened products, a dialog opens and asks the user to select an RGB-profile for the new image. RGB-profiles are stored in a global registry and are usually contributed by product reader plugins (see X). Product reader plugin instances are singletons, so you can register new RGB profiles in the constructor of the plugin:

Adding a global RGB profile
public class Avnir2ProductReaderPlugIn implements ProductReaderPlugIn {

    public Avnir2ProductReaderPlugIn() {
        RGBImageProfile profile = new RGBImageProfile("AVNIR-2 - 3,2,1", // display name
                                                      new String[]{
                                                              "radiance_3",  // red channel band-maths expression
                                                              "radiance_2",  // green channel band-maths expression
                                                              "radiance_1"   // blue channel band-maths expression


Note: In the module system used in BEAM, RGB-profiles have been registered using the extension point rgbProfiles in the module manifest file module.xml