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How to install?

Old versions of Sen2Cor were not easy to install, but that has changed in latest versions. Now, you only have to download and unzip it. See http://step.esa.int/main/third-party-plugins-2/sen2cor/ for more details.

If you are going to use Sen2Cor from SNAP using the Sen2Cor plugin, then the plugin can install it for you. When the plugin is installed in SNAP, in Menu → Tools → Manage External Tools, edit sen2cor and install it from the Bundled Binaries tab:

S2?_MSIL1C*.SAFE but is XXXXXX.zip Error

Sen2Cor does not support the zip format, so if you want to apply it to a S2 product, you have to unzip the product before opening it in SNAP.

AttributeError: 'L2A_Tables' Object has no attribute '_L2A_Tile_PVI_File'

This error appears in some sen2cor versions when trying to execute at 10m resolution. The workaround is to select ALL resolutions when running it from SNAP or to not indicate any resolution when running from command line (this way all resolutions will be computed). It is explained in the SNAP forum: https://forum.step.esa.int/t/sen2cor-02-05-05-win64-attributeerror-l2a-tables-object-has-no-attribute-l2a-tile-pvi-file/9587