CLA Signing Instructions


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the SNAP software project! To ensure the project's success and protect the interests of all contributors, we kindly ask you to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

The purpose of the CLA is to clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of both the contributors and the project maintainers. By signing the CLA, you grant us permission to use, modify, and distribute your contributions under the project's chosen open-source license. This helps us ensure that the project remains open and accessible to everyone, while providing a clear framework for collaboration.

Signing the CLA also signifies your commitment to the project and its community. It demonstrates that you understand and respect the principles of open-source software development, including sharing and building upon each other's work in a collaborative and transparent manner. Your signed CLA acts as a legal document that protects the project and its contributors, fostering an environment of trust and accountability.

To sign the CLA, please follow the instructions provided below. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your valuable contributions to the SNAP project!

Create a Pull Request

The SNAP project uses the senbox-org repositories hosted on the GitHub platform to manage the code base. If you want to contribute to the project, you need to create a pull request for the changes you propose.

If you don’t know yet how to do this, please review the good documentation provided by GitHub.

Signing the CLA

After you have created the pull request an email will be send to the address registered with your GitHub account. This email provides you the link to the CLA you need to sign the same message will be shown as comment below you pull-request.

Email with link to CLA
Pull request comment with link to CLA

The link will bring you the CLA. Read it carefully to understand its implications. If you still have any question, please contact

At the footer, you first need to sign-in with you GitHub account before filling the required fields.

You only need to answer the questions marked with *. Your full name and the name of your company are optional, but they will help us to communicate with you if we need to.
After signing the CLA, the comment below the pull request will indicate that you have completed the process And the SNAP developers can consider and review your changes.


Thank you for your contribution!