Install SNAP on the command line

The SNAP installer, created with the installer software install4j from ej-technologies, supports beside the default graphical installation mode two more modes. There is an additional console mode and also an unattended mode. The console mode can be activated when passing the -c option to the installer on the command line. The unattended mode is activated by specifying the -q option.

Console mode

When passing the -c option to the installer file on the command line the installer enters the console mode. In this mode the installer presents all questions to the user on the command line and also accepts the answers to these questions on the command line. Further documentation about the console mode can be found on the help pages of install4j.

Unattended mode

In the unattended mode, activated by the -q option, there is no further interaction with the user. The installation uses the default values. The default values are not always suitable for the user. That's why this mode can be further configured.
For example the -dir option allows to change the installation directory. For further customisation of the installation the installer accepts a so called response file. This file contains the customised answers to the installer questions. The easiest way to create such a response file is to perform the installation the once using either the graphical or the console mode. During this installation a response file is created within the .install4j folder of the installation directory and is named response.varfile.  The folder is hidden by default. You can either navigate directly there or make system directories visible in the system settings.

This file can be modified an passed to the installer via the -varfile option. For further documentation about the unattended mode and the usage of the response files please consult the help pages of install4j.

Download a sample response file